Conversations with Women: The Journey Toward Self-Esteem



In my work and life I have come across many women who do not see how amazing they are.  They accept less than they deserve and go through life believing they are not “good enough.” Acting “as-if” they belong while feeling like an imposter.   I know this is true because I used to be one of them.  As a counselor and mentor I wanted to learn more about these doubts and behaviors, and what could be done to help.  Could our understanding of self-esteem be at the root of the issue? You might be surprised at some aspects of the definition and how our interpretation impacts self-esteem. I’ve asked several women who inspire me to sit down to a conversation about how they developed self-esteem and what advice they might have for others on that journey.  The truth is that every woman deserves to feel worthy and recognize her amazing self.  We can make that a reality if we are willing to start a Conversation…


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PA Live, WBRE TV Interview, June 6, 2014